Completely Fireproofing your home would be amazing but is not realistic in most cases. 
What you actively can do, however, is to eliminate your home’s ability to act as a fuel source. 
Here are some steps to follow if your home happens to be in the vicinity of a wildfire:
1)Prevent embers from entering the building

  • Install weather stripping in the garage
  • Seal all openings, such as doggy doors, foundation and attic vents, etc. (note that foundation or attic vents should be reopened after the risk of fire passes)

2) Clear Combustible materials to 100 Feet Around Exteriors

  • Keep any gutters, screens and attic vents free of debris (dry leaves, etc.)
  • Relocate materials, for example, portable propane tanks, mulch or fertilizer
  • Move items, such as upholstered or wood patio furniture, umbrellas, etc.
  • Make sure firewood isn’t within 100 feet of the structure
  • Clear away any brush, dry leaves, etc. from around the building

3) Interiors

  • Smoke alarms (check that they have batteries and are operating)
  • Check that fire extinguishers are present and operable
  • Remove drapes, wood blinds, etc. from around windows and doors 
  • Get a fire retardant case or safe for your valuable documents
  • Have an emergency kit ready that contains water, food, flashlight (extra batteries), masks, first aid kit, clothing, personal identification, documents, any needed prescriptions, electronics and chargers, pet carrier or leash.

4) Other tips

  • Water the exterior plants, trees and foliage around the building
  • Have a hose, shovel (to cover embers with dirt) and fire extinguisher nearby
  • Any vehicles with gas tanks should be parked at a distance
  • Cover your valuables with flame retardant tarps
  • Always keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half full so you can get to a destination at a moment’s notice

I sincerely hope that your home will never be in the path of a wildfire, but l trust that these steps will be helpful for you in understanding what you could do in such a situation.


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